A Bit About Me

My name is Ethan Harris, I am a husband, father, woodworker and Follower of Christ. I started my small business in 2012 in hopes to begin what could be a future in woodworking for myself. I enjoy woodworking and I have a passion for creating safe, natural and economically friendly products.

My goal is to grow my business into a full venture through hard work and planning. In 2016 I hope to grow my business exponentially by expanding my product line in a few key areas as well as improve the process for creating the products I already make.

With the right determination and reliance on my Lord and Savior, I know that I can reach my goals and continue on enjoying the wonderful experience that is woodworking.


Spud's Mission

Our mission is to provide natural wooden products that serve as an alternative to plastics and other materials (that can contain lead, toxins and other chemicals that are detrimental to the environment and health) while lowering the cost of doing so.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy healthy, sustainable and high quality toys, blocks, crafts and more! That's why we will always be committed to providing our products at an affordable price to all of our customers around the world.

In the Past

A small start

When I started out with my business, I pieced together my workshop from old pallet wood pieces and scrap that I found. I even went to the extreme and made my own table saw by affixing my circular saw upside down on a table I made out of pallet wood.

Before I had opened my business I spent much of my time working with pallet wood as a means of learning new skills and techniques while not spending much at all to do it. If you would like, you can read about my pallet crafting time on my blog: Pallet Craft.

Overtime, my business started to grow, and so did my need for upgraded, precision tools.

A year for growth

In 2013, my focus was on upgrading my tool's to become more precise in my work and to expand my product line. This was a great success as I purchased many new tools and expanded my product line to roughly 50 new items. I finished out the year learning how to run a business during my very first Christmas season, and it was crazy!

The birth of Spudwoodworks.com!

Spudwoodworks.com was launched in June of 2013 and is now 1 year old! It is amazing to see how much the site has changed over a year and grown in size! The site (designed and maintained by Ethan Harris) was started with approximately 15 or so pages, now the site has grown to over 100 pages and the designs are sharper and bring the customers the information they need and the shopping expierience they desire.

Growth at a fast pace! A look at 2014

2014 was a whirlwind of surprise and really tested Spud Woodworks ability to handle new growth, and handle it we did! We now operate out of a 2 door garage (farewell open air carport!) and have expanded the tools to a new level. In 2014 we really focused on making our current products better than ever while finishing out out product line of toy blocks.

More Transition in 2015

A new home to live, shop to work, products to make and truck to drive. My efforts in 2015 were much of the same; create, expand and improve. My family moved into a lovely home in Southeast Connecticut and with that went my shop. I looked for new product ideas to expand my product line and I am very excited for some new products that should be ready in 2016. I also purchased a truck to help me in my endeavers.

What's in a name?

You may be wondering, what is Spud and where did the name come from?

Well as a young irish (among other things) lad I grew up disliking pototatoes to the point of utter disdain. However as I grew older (and got married) I soon learned to enjoy them.

Before getting engaged in 2010 I never really did any woodworking, but as I grew into it I have built up a love for it. So like spuds, I have grown into them and will continuing enjoying them into the future.

"That is such a better name than Potato Woodworks"... Don't you agree?


Spud Woodworks goal in 2016 is to diversify and expand my product lines as well as raise sales from the previous year.

My main goal is to expand my toys selection, puzzles and peg doll play sets over the course of the year and complete this by mid summer with much of the work taking place over the spring and early summer months.

While some of these products may still in the planning stage, I can see them coming together in the near future.

The Future

You can never know what the future might hold. However that won't keep me from making plans for where I want to take Spud going forward.

As a goal, I would like to better manage incoming orders and their turnaround time, as well as lower shipping costs overseas.

As a secondary future goal, I want to someday be self employed and work solely on Spud Woodworks. I have set the mark for that goal and I want to work towards that yearly.

Who knows, time will tell whether my current plans will come true or if they change into something different. All I know is that Spud Woodworks is on a journey, and I will be hitching a ride.