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Painting Wood Blocks

Step 1

Choosing the right block size and type is indeed important, but its also important that you have unfinished clean wood surfaces to start with. This will help in making sure the paint and wood are in direct contact and will prolong the life of your work.

Step 2

After you have selected your wood, its important that you pick the right paint for your application. Are these for kids? Are they going to recieve ruff treatment or end up being chewed on? What's most important is that you use non-toxic paint for anything that children will play with, milk paint is a great choice, but we will let you pick your non-toxic paint of choice.

Step 3 - Finishing

It's important that if you plan to allow children to play with your creation, that you seal them with either Bee's Wax, Coconut Oil or a customer trusted Mod Podge. This will go a long way in making sure your child is safe.

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